Saturday, 4 June 2011

In bed ready for some sleep before work tomorrow.

At the stallion I could of course not take pictures or any kinds of recordings of the actual act as it might come in wrong hand and on Internet and stuff like that, and fair enough, there are some weird people in the world. So I left it anyway but was still interesting to see. My 3rd cover I've seen so far and they are all very different.

Here's Granny (as we call her for her old age) about to take of to see le boyfriend

..and to all and all a good night!


Watching Britain's got talent finale the results now. It's been really good this year (only year I've watched but still lol).

Made some dinner, vegetables in oven (yet again), fried beef and fried some rice had left over from day before. I am not to found of rice nor pasta (carbs?), makes my stomach upset lol, but didn't want to waste it.

Have to go now, tell you later about the trip to the stallion.

Over and out


What is up?

Well me for starters.. lol.
Good morning my fellow citizens!

About to leave to the stud in Newmarket.

I can hear everyone working hard outside while I'm just sitting here typing in the sofa. Life can be good sometimes lol.

Didn't think I would have time left to pass by my laptop but I can be pretty fast in the morning even though I like to take my time and not rush.. OK starting to just rambling on now.

As said I will take some pics of the place and get back to you later today.

Have a good day!

Got my jodhpurs on and ready to roll

Over and out


Friday, 3 June 2011


Just have to show you something funny. One of our horses, Woody, grabbed one of the brooms next to him so it looked like he was sweeping the floor. Kind of a funny sight.

Had to grab my camera quick so the quality isn't the best

Hey, what's new with you?

In bed ready for my beauty sleep.

This day I spent "freshen up" as I say lol. Took a long showered, exfoliated my face and body, face mask and had this thing for your hair which is like conditioner but you leave it for a while... god, can't remember what you call it.. (in English), ow well, my hair is ultra soft now any way. While that was working its magic I epilated my legs (is that how you say?) So a freshened up spa if you like =)

Watched Britain's got talent tonight with a mix of other programs I changed to in between. Made some vegetables in oven and fried some chicken in this sweet chili sauce, very nice it was lol, but after dinner (as always) I was really craving for ice cream or chocolate but hadn't bought any so popcorn had to do it.

Tomorrow I am yet again (and yet again voluntary) going to the stallion stud with one mare and foal. This time to Newmarket which is supposed to be the biggest stud (in the country?).

Will take some more pictures this time and not be so shy about it lol.

See you tomorrow.

Over and out

Now it's time for:

Some easy lunch and a movie

I'm back!

I've spend the last 2days in Frinton-on-sea, Essex, where they have their summer house, just by the beach =) I really liked it. I will spend one week there later this summer with one of the girls so I am looking forward to that. Hopefully it will be warmer so I can go for a swim.

Over and out