Sunday, 28 February 2010

The latest

"Nikki is back!! =)
Now we are back to all madness lol"
Good morning! Or good afternoon that is.

Nikki is on her way home now, so waiting for her. Then I have to hit town for some errands, and pass by work quickly to get an update when I get back tomorrow after my holiday.
Really don't want to. But who does?

What I really want though is a camera, so I can take loads of pictures and upload them her for you to watch. Think it will be more interesting and more fun for you guys nah?
Otherwise not that such.
We will be going out tonight, which makes Sundays more fun.

Miss you
Over and out

Saturday, 27 February 2010

I have figured out exactly what I would like to or going to do in my future and life.
Can't tell you the whole story since it's just in the beginning.
I have just mate, it's not born yet.
What I can tell you is that I am going to study, or maybe I have already started, I registered ad payed today, so now I just have to wit fr the pack to get delivered to me. I am so exited. I am actually doing something with my life now.

What I am going to study is animal care, for you who missed that, and the more I get into it, that's what this blog is going to be about, and then I am going to move it to a bigger community where there is a bigger chance for people to read.

Now that's the half of the plan, there is still more to come (hopefully).

I just got back from Hammersmith, where I bought some basics from Primark, a much needed book from book warehouse, and just browsed around. I also wanted a camera, since I have never owned a camera, but don't know what to chose, o going to wait till I ca get some help in that area.
It's been raining pretty bad today and I just go away from it when I gt home.

Yesterday me Karolina and Elin went to The national history museum. I actually find that stuff quite interesting. We watched a few short movies about animals and nature. That's what I want to do. Travel around the world and help extinct animals. Well well, hopefully I will get there.

Museums and learning about h culture is much more fun now as an adult when you can choose, then when you were a kid and you had to.

Now I am just waiting for Kar(ol)ina and Elin t come home. They are at some fashion thing. Fancy! Apparently there is some fashion thing or theme going on in the city :p lol.

Over and out
( The picture is bigger then the words)

"I am so exited and have so many ideas for the future it scares me!"

Can YOU relate?

Is this you?

Roger Sanchez - Another chance

Friday, 26 February 2010

The latest

I was quite dead this morning, didn't get up until about 1pm. Still have a headache.

Last night was fun though.
Me, Karolina and Elin went to Jalouse were they had some sort of circus theme party, and it was packed. I loved it.
We danced and drank a lot. Karilona had to save me a couple of times from guys. Haha she used these balloons they had and slapped them away. Loved it.
The bartenders and staff were kind of cute with there pained faces. Think I fell in love with one of them hehe.

I only fell how drunk I really was when we left and got home. We stooped at Bagel bite, which is like the best food when you're drunk. Love it.
Karolina had to wok at 6am!!! So we stayed up a bit so she could go straight to work. She was still drunk at 4.30am, and I wondered how she would managed, but she did. She is still alive anyway, but apparently she thought she could go through a wall at work. Well well, I'm sure she worked it out.

We earlier 2day went to Tesco, cause I was so thirsty and craved for some sweets, so now I have eaten a salad made of avocado, tomato, feta cheese and vinegar, love it, and my favorite cookies.
Now in a min we are actually heading to a museum! Thought we should be a bit more with the culture.

Talk lata.

Ovet and out

Thursday, 25 February 2010

The most beautiful I think is Mama and Let love lead the way

I was a big fan of the Spice Girls when they were big, and I still really like their songs

Here are my favorites.

Spice Girls - Never give up on the good times

Too much

Lady is a Vamp (a bit different for them)

Move over (their Pepsi commercial)

Viva Forever

Ok, I have a couple of more, but feels like it's to much.

Never give up on the good times

No I have cleaned the kitchen, gotten dressed and put make up on, cause me and Karolina are going to Alice in wonderland premier and see Johnny Depp =)

By the by, I have a twitter account now as well. I never thought I would have.

My name is RMorner.

Over and out



Just had my big ymmie breakfast, scrambled eggs, salmon and avocado.
The plans for today was nothing special really.

  • Treat myself - buy pillows, get a wax, fix my eyebrows
  • Clea the house - the kitchen (it is mine cleaning week)

But think I will do something else today. Me and Karolina are going to the Alice in wonderland premier to watch Johnny Depp (irl) hehe, she really wanted to, and tonight I think we will go out.

What want and kind of have to do is still sort out my job and life, and try to find my shoes. I find the store located elsewhere where I could go and have a look.

I miss the summer and I really wanna spend it in Sweden this year =(

Over and out


The reason why I did no write this morning and what my plans would be, is because I would have just got stuck by the computer and I really had to get out early.
I just got home from Happy hour at a bar by Westfield with the girls, and now I am very tired.
To days plans looked liked this

  • Go up 7am and power walk

  • Send packet to Sweden

  • Visit Battersea doghome

Well the power walk we don't have to mentioned, but I went to Hammersmith and the post office and send a pack home to Sweden on behave of Johanna, then I went to look for some shopping. Specific shoes from New Look and I've now been to Westfield, Hammersmith, 2 on Oxford st, Holborn! No one has them. Think I'm gonna look at some more stores 2mrrw I haven't been to.
Went to Westfield any way were I found a par of Converse, white ones that is high in the ankle.

O yeah I was 2day supposed to go to the animal course office, and I did but couldn't find the actual door or entrance. It was all just normal doors, like ppl lived, and I couldn't be bothered.

I feel now I am so tired my grammar is not correct so gonna have to finish now.

Double up

Over and out


Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Good evening!
I just finished watching some Friends with my own friend. Gonna hit the shower and the ready ready for bed actually. Early I know.

I am so mad and disappointed at myself today.
Only thing I did was go to Westfild and visited some stores, and did buy a top with a cow on it, for you who does not know I love cows so had to have it.
Gonna make up for lost time tomorrow, when I AM gonna go to the course office which I did not do today, plus somewhere else.

And at night me and my friend are gonna hit a bar at Westfield were there is happy hour for us girls Yeeay! =) Gonna hit more laid back bars, then these uptight clubs (apart from Boujis).

Mine or what?

Over and out

Good morning!
Sitting on my bed right now eating a wonderful breakfast made out of scrambled eggs, avocado and salmon with lemon, mm.
Well, I was supposed to go up at 7am for a power walk, but I just love my bed and sleep more. Maybe I wrote i wrong on my list. Maybe I meant 7PM instead of 7AM, lol.
Any who...
This is my day today:

  • 7am power walk (mhm)
  • Go to Westfield and hand out CV's
  • Visit animal course office - Russel square
  • 7PM power walk

So talk to you lot lata

Over and out


Monday, 22 February 2010

I love my new header! =)
It's funny and the love of my life got a part in it.
Spent a while now to get it just right.

Just got back from the movies, we saw The Wolf man. I thought it was alright, kind of scary at some places. In the beginning I got so scared though I actually screamed right out and scared my friends.

Right now I am sitting on my bed with a face mask I've started to wear twice a week. Gonna get great skin lol.

I am actually of to bed soon as I have to get up early and start my day with an hour power walk.

Over and out

Xtra Xtra Read all about it

Now I am done with the bathroom, so it's very fresh and clean now (Johanna are you reading this? Was thinking of you the whole time lol).
Now I am trying to prepare for to morrow and plan ahead, and looking what movie we should go and see. I actually never mind what kind of movie, even though I have favorites, I just love to go.
Omg forgot to tell you what happened last time we went.

To make a short story, well short:
It was me, Karolina, Elin and Mahtilda who went, and after a while in comes a bunch of kids who started to jump from seats o seats cause they could not decide where to sit, and they weren't quit and I just thought O no!
But it was still commercial so thought ok fine they can talk, but if they continues under the movie I'm gonna tell the. As I thought they continued and after awhile I asked politely to be quite. They kind of looked at me surprised and kept talking. (Ok so this story is quite log).
They had comments about Everything and Every scene. It pi**ed me of.
I actually made some comments to them whenever they said something.
At the end of the movie Mahtilda eve said "You guys seriously!" and of course they had some answers like "Its the end of the movie, relax hunnie".

When they wanted to leave had my legs up on the seat in front of me and said "What you can't jump?" Haha Love it. She then threw my legs out f he way ad said something, and I, out of reflex kicked her so she fell down, and came back and tried to hit me. I was kind of chocked.
Any who.
They waited outside and when I came out she apparently said "There she is, with the funny shoes". I turned and wave and said "Hello".

And that was kind of it.
Just waned to get that out.

Now I am gonna get ready for our next movie visit. Gonna be prepared this time. Should I bring my boxing gloves?
Haha only joking. I don' have boxing gloves.

Over and out.

Lazy cow

So my plans for yesterday didn't all really go trough, you know about the power walk but then I was supposed to find an outfit for the night. I did go to oxford (a street I hate when I actually have the whole Westfield itself just by my house, but that store is only located on Oxford in the UK) but I didn't really find anything and what I did find didn't fit as nicely as I thought they would or it was to expensive.
Any who..
On my way home I bought some hung over food and snack for today, hehe I'm a good planer nah? Went to a Internet cafe and fixed my CV and printed it out, so now I have a few to hand out. Liked the result.
Went home and just relaxed and ate some salad made out of avocado, tomato, feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. Yummie! and watched the movie Troy.

We went to Boujis which I love. I always have a great time there, and it's even better when you don't have to go to work the day after. It was kind of quite but still fun fun.
I just had a minor headache today, but cured that with a shower and some pizza and snacks. We might go to the movies later as well, but again we did decide that on our night out while we were drunk so we'll see about that.

The to days plans were kind simple, yes still have a list of what o do today.

  • Recover from hang over
  • Clean the house - bathroom.

Not much but till something and organised.

So just have to clean the bathroom, and then tomorrow is were all the fun (?) and action starts.

Talk to you lots lata

Over and out


The lions sleeps tonight - Jimmy Cliff

Feel good song

I can see clearly now the rain is gone - Jimmy Cliff

Sunday, 21 February 2010

Well it does surprise me a bit that my power walk didn't happened actually. I had set the alarm (3 different ones) at 7am.

I woke up sometime in the night and thought I had overslept, but looked at the time and it was just around 4am. There were some guys shouting outside as well that woke me up, and noticed it was raining, and when the alarm hit 7 I thought, mhm maybe not.
Always have these stupid excuses. But I still have to hit town and buy some stuff for 2night, so that I have to do.

I have eaten my good big breakfast anyway. Scrambled eggs with sweetcorn and avocado. And ofcouse my favorite snack, Foxs chunkie cookies.

So now I have just watched the finish of the movie from last night, and now I am gonna start getting ready.

Over and out
We Are The World 25 For Haiti - Official Video

Saturday, 20 February 2010


Hey, whats up? Anything down?
Its been a while huh?

Well not much has happened so I will just tell you whats About to happened.
Next week I am on holiday for 1 week =) but it doesn't mean I can rest and relax and do nothing. Just rest from work.
I have a whole list and points on what I will do for the whole week, and will check it once its done, hehe I like being organised like that.
Will start my mornings with power walk at 7 am.

So my "week" wont start until Tuesday cause 2mrrw, Sunday, we are going out which means Monday I need to actually rest and recover

  • 7am power walk
  • Go to Bik Bok and buy outfits for the night
  • Buy walking shoes and jacket
  • Sort out my CV and print out
  • Start drinking :P

Won't tell you all my week in advanced though, so will go day by day.

Now I am watching some old bad quality movie with Sandra Bullock.

Over and out


Monday, 8 February 2010