Thursday, 25 February 2010

The reason why I did no write this morning and what my plans would be, is because I would have just got stuck by the computer and I really had to get out early.
I just got home from Happy hour at a bar by Westfield with the girls, and now I am very tired.
To days plans looked liked this

  • Go up 7am and power walk

  • Send packet to Sweden

  • Visit Battersea doghome

Well the power walk we don't have to mentioned, but I went to Hammersmith and the post office and send a pack home to Sweden on behave of Johanna, then I went to look for some shopping. Specific shoes from New Look and I've now been to Westfield, Hammersmith, 2 on Oxford st, Holborn! No one has them. Think I'm gonna look at some more stores 2mrrw I haven't been to.
Went to Westfield any way were I found a par of Converse, white ones that is high in the ankle.

O yeah I was 2day supposed to go to the animal course office, and I did but couldn't find the actual door or entrance. It was all just normal doors, like ppl lived, and I couldn't be bothered.

I feel now I am so tired my grammar is not correct so gonna have to finish now.

Double up

Over and out


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