Saturday, 20 February 2010


Hey, whats up? Anything down?
Its been a while huh?

Well not much has happened so I will just tell you whats About to happened.
Next week I am on holiday for 1 week =) but it doesn't mean I can rest and relax and do nothing. Just rest from work.
I have a whole list and points on what I will do for the whole week, and will check it once its done, hehe I like being organised like that.
Will start my mornings with power walk at 7 am.

So my "week" wont start until Tuesday cause 2mrrw, Sunday, we are going out which means Monday I need to actually rest and recover

  • 7am power walk
  • Go to Bik Bok and buy outfits for the night
  • Buy walking shoes and jacket
  • Sort out my CV and print out
  • Start drinking :P

Won't tell you all my week in advanced though, so will go day by day.

Now I am watching some old bad quality movie with Sandra Bullock.

Over and out


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