Thursday, 28 April 2011

Lets focus on me shall we not? lol

Thursday, 21 April 2011

Amazing sports event!

Monday, 18 April 2011

Good night all!


Glee - Landslide.. ♥

Just get a grip will ya'?

Ok, so wish me all the best and luck that I am actually going through with this trip to Stratford upon Avon (have to say the whole name as some people get confused with the place just Stratford, east of London, yeah like I would waste my time going there). It would be so not me to go as I am not that impulsive or simply don't do things lol. I hope I do go which sounds so weird and frankly stupid because what is actually stooping me? Apart from myself? Exactly, nothing! It's just one of the problems I have with myself.. I'm working on it lol.

Just watched Glee. The episode I was longing for a little bit as I've seen some clips on You tube from it, and one of my favorite songs they performed. Beautiful song.

Over and out


No title as for now

Guess what!

I am sitting on my couch at home on my day off and have not been disturbed yet!

I actually worked yesterday, which is my day off, and drove all the way to Sheffield which is about 2-3 hours away. One of the girls had rounders, that you can compare to baseball. Good thing it was a nice sunny day as I lay in the sun and almost drifted off lol.

We drove of at 6 in the morning and got back 6 in the afternoon, so a long day it was.

So now I'm off today and tomorrow, and if I am being left in peace I am heading to Stratford upon Avon tomorrow, take 2.

Saturday I also took the same girl down to London for a birthday dinner and I had like 4 hours to kill so I went for some tanning and meet up with Nikki.

I wanted to get some tanning today but the Diesel's run out so have nit been able to go any were. Have to get some groceries now though.

Gonna relax and watch a movie tonight I think. Nothing more exiting in my life at the moment I'm afraid lol.

Over and out


Monday, 11 April 2011

Good night all!


"It's Tshirt time! (well it was anyway)

I'm in bed now ready be put down lol. Nah I'm just gonna sleep, don't you worry!

I've been driving for 4h today that I did not sign up for =( It is annoying I tell ya..

Ok any who..

Didn't do much after I came home. Was even to tired to go out for my (important) run so couldn't be bothered.. damn! Just made a very nice dinner made out of pork and vegetables. I really like vegetables. Some might think I'm on some sort of vegetable diet..? What? No, I am more on a should-eat-every-day diet! Had some ice cream for dessert =) mm.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.. since no one told me when to start or what I am doing I am gonna start at 8am and just see where they want me. I might have to do the same drive again as she is going back tomorrow for her hockey camp.

Over and out

We actually got there by 9am. Only took 1h! Speedy or what? lol.

I got back at 10.45 and headed to the bank and thought I would go for some sunbed, but I change my mind now a days (which is a good thing I guess). So I went out for a walk and a run and since it's still very nice weather I'm sure I got some sun, well yeah sure sun I got but I mean tan.. but what ever.

Thought I would have the whole day/afternoon to do what ever I want to (it is my day off after all), but of course I got send out again to pick her up at 3pm.. Should be home at about 5pm, and no one will bother me! (you never know, but still).

Not much more..

Over and out


Timesetup post!

Now I should propably be on my way to London town.

So talk to you lot later ones I either arrived or when I get back. I have some plans I am gonna do today.

Over and out


Sunday, 10 April 2011

Good night all!


Tune of the day! (a tune that made me decide for Stratford)

Bruno Mars - Marry you

"Ehm, sure.."

"Bad news", indeed as he said! =(

I am not going to Stratford upon Avon as I for once had planned. Ow no I have to drive to London early in the morning instead... (on my day off).

Don't know what to say really.. and I am not going Stratford in the afternoon after I get back. I just have to do It next time I'm off and when it's a nice day. Whenever that will be.

Just got back from a quick walk and jog. Have to keep it up people lol.

So up tomorrow at 7am (which is when I usually roughly set my alarm on my days off, but when I have to, it's different).

Think I'm gonna hit the shower now and watch this zombie show, but can't have this late sun night I wanted to.. Ok I will stop moaning now..

Over and out



Started my day a little later then I usually do when supposed to go out for a walk. I went out at about 8.45am. But id doesn't matter, I got my walk and run any way, and I am about to head out for my 2nd of the day. Yes people, when I am off, or the days I can, I like to go twice a day.

Went for a big tesco shopping and made some pancakes for a early dinner which made me very full as it very fulfilling (had a little ice cream to).

Freshened up; showered and washed my hair, scrubbed my body and face, had a face mask and epilated my legs. So a very interesting day ;)

I just decided (after a little thinking) that I am going to Stratford upon Avon, and not the Stratford in east London. Stratford upon Avon where Shakespeare grew up lol. Just wanted to make that clear. I just hope it's going to be good and sunny and warm weather and hope to get some tan =)

Actually just did some studying right now, until my pen died on me =( Of course it did..

Made some plans at 10 o'clock to watch this serie about zombies (can't remember the name now) but something to do and look forward to, even though I don't feel like snacks or ice cream lol (which I always do).

Any way..

Gonna head out now before it gets to late.

Over and out


Good morning all! (setup post)

Now I am up and about, probably eating breakfast and getting ready for the 2h ride =/

Making some sandwiches and what not, and freshening myself up. Can't go to London looking scruffy ;)


Thursday, 7 April 2011

What is up?

Well I'm down, down in bed.. I love being tired quiet early so you can have a early night and a long sleep =)

Omg, something very misfortune happened this morning.

We have a 6months old puppy, Rupert, who's just trouble. Well for one he's very naughty and don't listen to you and just bite and nibble every hand in its way, but he's also trouble because something always kind of happens to him. He's been kicked by one of the horses (he's not careful enough yet) so he really screamed, and a couple for weeks ago he was run over by a car really badly so he had an operation, and is now walking with a pink plaster on his back leg.. any who..

He's supposed to have some medicine and eye drops which I was told to do this morning. I was fine with the pills but was asked to get help with the drops as I didn't know where they were. Long story short; we (yes we as it wasn't just me, or me at all) accidentally put this fluid you remove fleas with, in his eyes!! =(

I took him to the vet (where he is a regular by now lol) where he's kept over night, the poor b*stard! (The Dr was kind of cute though lol).


Otherwise was pulled in and out all day.

Now when the kids are off school for Easter (for a month!!!) it's kind of crazy with everything and not really normal and I am needed every were lol..

Not much else.

Talk tomorrow.

Over and out


Monday, 4 April 2011

Good night all!

Just got back from the show. Footloose was absolutely amazing. Love guys who can dance! =)

Really a feel-good-musical. I have to see the movie now.

Just talking to a friend back in London about seeing some shows when I visit the next. You get so happy from seeing live shows and performances (I'm getting old or what? lol).

Just thought I pass quickly before I passed away.. (To sleep I mean).

Over and out

Just got home from some errands; went with the other girls who waxed different parts of their bodies lol. I just bought some chocolate and tried to find a little something to send. I did not.. =(

Then I went to the post office just before they closed to send my package (gonna to arrive a little late, but it's ok).

Then I finally went to NHS and registered, but turned out they didn't need any proof of address which is why I had to wait to register in the first place.. ow well.

Now I'm just eating my chocolate and writing to you (no sh*t).

I think we are gonna have take away, or something for dinner, before we go out.

Well yesterday then.. nothing special happened. I took one of the girls to hockey training and brought the little one and a dog with me, fun fun.. lol. Got home and tidied up the kitchen which was a bit of a mess, but I always manage. Then did a lot of washing and folding and putting away.

I had to take one of the girls to her jump competition where I helped =) Think it's pretty fun going to them events and experience that whole thing. Came home, had a quick late lunch and then just continued where I left of.. so not much happened.

Went out for a walk and a run. I wasn't really tired after that just very red lol.

Talk latha

Over and out


Have a new fav face!

Aly Michalka

Good day everybody!

Went out at 8am this morning for a morning walk AND a run, or jog more like it.

Had a shower and some breakfast and just been sitting by the TV. Now I've started to paint my face to look somewhat descent.

Today I have to go to the post office. Have some packages to send people =) Aw, how nice am I?

Then might have to clean some stuff, like the bathroom and maybe my room lol.

This morning i decided to come along to the theater this evening to see Foot lose. Have never heard of it nor seen the movie, but I'm open for anything. Last week we went and saw Spamalot from the movies of Monty Python. I saw it London with my parents a while ago and I loved it.

Tell you later about yesterday.

Over and out


Good morning early birds!

Good night all!


Aha, midnight on the dot!

Good evening (good night?) to you all.

Just wanted to pass by quickly as I forgot to stop by earlier, so will let you know about my day tomorrow instead.

I'm off tomorrow btw =) Good or bad? Weird thought that crossed my mind lol.. well well.

Over and out


Saturday, 2 April 2011

Good night all!

Sleep tight, wake up alright!


Now it's time for...

I'm absolutely starving as I have not eaten any proper today...

This just in!

Just got back from some power walking. Took about 1 hour. Got really tired sitting here so thought I had to go out and move.

Would rather take a walk here..

In a while I'm going to take Anna to the station as she is first going to London for a few days, and then home to Sweden, for ever! Will feel weird I'll tell you that. She's going to leave me all the work! =(

Any who..

On the way home I will stop by Tesco damn it! No one will stop me. Buy some nice food and snacks and thought I would watch some movie on the TV tonight. We'll see..

Over and out

What you think of my new header?

Wanted something new and fresh now, something that really focusing on what I'm about at the moment!

I really like it =)

Guess what I'm gonna do?

A very good start in the morning..

"Drink more so I don't lose my touch"?

No i better not as I am losing what ever touch I'm having By drinking as I feel rubbish and uncool the day after (I'm growing up or what? lol).

No but last night was (on me haha) fun. Had a few nice laughs and talks and some very good chips =) Those are the best!

Set my alarm this morning at 8.30am just so I wouldn't miss some rubbish TV lol, but I'm rubbish so we go hand in hand.

Not many plans for the day, apart from making my round to Tesco try #2, and going to freshen up (as I say) with scrubbing my face and body and sit with a face mask =)

Over and out


Friday, 1 April 2011

Just got back from the pub where I had 2 glasses (apparently) of white wine and more chips yummi!I haven't been drinking in a while so when ever I do it goes straight to my head, especially wine (Gonna feel that tomorrow).

In bed now where I belong at night (alone lol).

But it was a good and fun time. Should go out and hit the pub and drink more often, so I don't lose touch ;)

Over and out

Here's me in action on top of George the horse! =)

‎"Fighting for peace is like f*cking for virginity".
Right, so I haven't done much since i came home. Well actually I send in my test for my course so now I only have one session left and then some big essay question to sum up every sessions. Lol no pressure!

I've eaten all my ice cream while trying to watch some comedy shows on YouTube and browsing around. Waiting to hear from Anna to come home so we can go and get smashed... hehe ok not smashed but get a drink.

Redone my make-up and changed my top.

Not much to say here...

Over and out


My new favorite band (for the moment I guess)!

The Overtones - Gambling man
Well, just got back an aborted mission. We got to (which was the most important) then headed to where we just started (good thing) and I get a phone calling saying they need the stupid car (for an annoying reason). So here I am back and hungry.

But trying to look at it from a positive view, I can now finish my session, then have some ice cream to quiet my hunger.

Over and out



Ok I am sorry you have to read everything in one big chunk! It won't let me do breaks, so you can have a break whilst reading. Just FYI!


What up peps?

Ok, before it goes an other month without me writing a new post, thought I would just give you a little something. A hello maybe and I'm alive, just lazy lol. Of course you caught me on the day when I haven't been out for a early power walk, decided to sleep in instead (which was till 9am anyway). I've started to go for daily power walks, and the days I'm off I will go twice, one in the morning and one in the evening. Prefer to go out when there is not many people outside. So this morning all I've done is had some breakfast and watched TV, took a shower and washed my hair and now sitting here. Have some plans for the day though; go to the bank finally (yes, if the car wont be available I will have to Go!), update my food area, register at the local NHS, walk my walk (maybe a longer one since i missed the morning one, and finish the second last session of my course which is reptiles and amphibians. To night we are going for drinks to, a farewell to Anna who's leaving us for a better life (lol sounds like she's passed away but can assure you she's fine). Will try and squeeze in some cleaning to. Ok, before this post get to long and you won't actually read it, I will wrap it up. Have a good day and might pop in later. Over and out xxRebecca