Sunday, 10 April 2011

"Ehm, sure.."

"Bad news", indeed as he said! =(

I am not going to Stratford upon Avon as I for once had planned. Ow no I have to drive to London early in the morning instead... (on my day off).

Don't know what to say really.. and I am not going Stratford in the afternoon after I get back. I just have to do It next time I'm off and when it's a nice day. Whenever that will be.

Just got back from a quick walk and jog. Have to keep it up people lol.

So up tomorrow at 7am (which is when I usually roughly set my alarm on my days off, but when I have to, it's different).

Think I'm gonna hit the shower now and watch this zombie show, but can't have this late sun night I wanted to.. Ok I will stop moaning now..

Over and out


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