Monday, 11 April 2011

"It's Tshirt time! (well it was anyway)

I'm in bed now ready be put down lol. Nah I'm just gonna sleep, don't you worry!

I've been driving for 4h today that I did not sign up for =( It is annoying I tell ya..

Ok any who..

Didn't do much after I came home. Was even to tired to go out for my (important) run so couldn't be bothered.. damn! Just made a very nice dinner made out of pork and vegetables. I really like vegetables. Some might think I'm on some sort of vegetable diet..? What? No, I am more on a should-eat-every-day diet! Had some ice cream for dessert =) mm.

I wonder what tomorrow will bring.. since no one told me when to start or what I am doing I am gonna start at 8am and just see where they want me. I might have to do the same drive again as she is going back tomorrow for her hockey camp.

Over and out


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