Monday, 22 June 2009


I am crying for someone I never knew, 1000 miles away!

Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Saturaday(s)


I have been kind of active 2day.
Woke up at about half 9 by Johanna calling me from work. I was supposed to come to hers for lunch bur she is so busy now with the sale and all it didn't happened.

I went to Westfilied anyway to get some beauty and hygiene products, and some new working shoes and tights cause my old ones had really started to smell bad. So I bought new pair of shoes, something for it to smell nice, a cushion and tights. A new fresh start. Everyone at work could smell my feet hehe....

As I am writing there's been an accident just below our flat. Don't know what exactly but there were a lot of police men and women, ambulance and a "bloody" man (hehe literally). That happened while I was at Morrissons doing some grocery shopping at about 6pm. The ambulance with the man has left but the police ppl are still there with a blocked tejp to our road. So I guess someone has been shoot, or something. It is an investigate person as well... so I don't know.

Any who...

Can tell you what happens yesterday at work.
Now the thing is with me, i kind of have an allergy to walnuts, which started happened a couple of years ago, cause I have been eaten it when I was younger. I just had a reaction a couple of years ago an that's where I stooped eating walnuts. I can have other nuts though... any way.
We had been given chocolate at work and I ate a lot of them, until I came to this dark chocolate with stuff inside, hehe.. it was very good. I though I felt walnut bits so I spit it out.
Then suddenly I felt this itching and stinging feeling on my tongue and cheeks, and up to my ears almost, I actually thought I was imagine it, till it got worse...
My throat really began to swollen and become thick, till the point I couldn't swallow. and i could see down my throat how swollen it was.
That was sooo scary I panicked. Luckily I have to say, I could still breath.
But didn't know what to do since i don't have these allergy tablets. I was given from one of my managers who saved me =P.

I am working extra 2mrrw because of the sale that's coming up next week.
I will just load every stock to the store and put it and hang it in our stockroom, so it's fine. No customer service hehe...

This is a very funny clip my friend from work told me about.

Over and out.

Friday, 19 June 2009

Therese Rojo

I want to put an extra space and time on my blog to mentioned something horrible that's happened home in Sweden.
A 15-year old girl was murdered about a week ago. BY 2 OF HER CLASSMATES!!!
It happened in my hometown, my home forest, my neighbourhood and my old school.
I didn't know the girl at all really but I just been crying for her and looking through a blog her friends made for her.
I can't believe she had her life taken away from her like that!
She was just about to turn 16 for Christ sake.

I am feeling very sorry for the family, friends, people she left behind.

All of this brings me back to my loss I had to witness....

R.I.P Therese R.



Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Good morning/afternoon London

In bed again. Have slept until now.
Not much to write since I wrote just before I went to sleep. But will now go up and eat some breakfast and make some lunch and food for to day, so I can survive this loong day to come.

Any who...

Been meaning to tell you which other blogs I am reading and following
First my friends are

Nina -
Johanna -

Now then some other I know or some celebrities, i don't follow to many blogs actually, there are not many I find interesting.

Natacha Peyre - - She is a Swedish glamour model, the most beautiful woman I think I've seen. She lives in La with her boyfriend but write her blog in Swedish through a Swedish website.

Emelie Mattsson - - A Swedish girl I got to know In London when she lived here but she now lives in Monaco with her boyfriend, and works as a yacht agent.

Alxandra - - A Swedish girl at 18 who really doesn't do anything (that I know of, apart from this blog). She graduates from school this year. She is all about the looks with big blond hair, lips and is about to do a boob job. And I just find her blog entertained and amusing. People know about her in Sweden though.

Isabella Lövengrip - - Swedish girl again who is very successful in Sweden and makes tones of money on her blog, her company Bellme AB (I think) and an upcoming clothing line, and she is only... how old? Not sure, but she graduates from school this spring as well, if she hasn't already. And she is involved with politics. She is well known at home any way.

That's it for me.

Over and out

My little Pony

I know it's childish, but I just Love old children's programs that use to go on TV when I was young, "Bumbibjornarna", "De vilda djurens flykt" and of course "My little Pony".

When I was little I obviously liked to play with ponies, but I always had a thing for them. They are so cute and beautiful in their beautiful perfect world. It is all so colourful.

And love the theme song.

Good night London

I am bed now, ready to sleep, and why I am in bed so late, or early maybe, is cause I am doing a 6pm-6am shift 2mrrw!!! So I think it's better to go to bed late and sleep as long as possible in to the day so I can work till the next morning. Wow, that sounds f*cked upped.
Any who...
Don't know what to write.
Here are some pics from last night at Boujis (taken from Johanna's blog

On our way in the underground mirror

At Boujis

Having some fun on our way home
(You're allowed)
Over and out

Monday, 8 June 2009

Good Morning London

Yes, we did go out last night, and its the first time I feel it a little bit.

Right now I'm eating my breakfast and feel a bit nauseous. Maybe cause I start drinking wine, which I hear is supposed to give you more of a headache, well well...

It was fun last night though and even more fun when we got home, in the cab in Johannas room...

Any who...

More to come.

Over and out


Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Sunday Times

So, guess what! We didn't go out last night. Johanna got home at abt 10 as we thought, and we made it almost as far as to the door when she said "Should we really"?
So there you go. I thought since we both were supposed to go up early (she had work, and I planned on going to IKEA with Nina) we skipped this time.
Instead we met up with Nikki at Marks and Spencer and bought some food and snacks and watched some dvd, except Johanna who went to bed. "I knew it", I shouted.
me and Nikki watched a serie called "The Big Bang theory" and the movie Borat, which actually is hilarious.
I went to bed at 03.30 am hehe. had my alarm on 8am.
But got a text in the night from Nina saying she couldn't go to IKEA, so blew that as well.

Nothing much has happened 2day, had a shower, watched some stuff on the laptop, went grocery shopping and made the healthiest lunch for 2mrrw. Cooked potato with salmon and vegetables in oven. Wow!

Any who...

Johanna just got home from work and we are actually heading out 2night to Boujis. Well I will tell you after 2day if we really did hehe.. you never know with Johanna. We are both working 2mrrw though. I start at 12 and Joh at 1pm.

Not much left to say really.

Over and out

De vilda djurens flykt


Love Love Love

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Videos of the moment

Here are 2girls known from You Tube were they are singing covers from some of the hottest song of the day. Rin on the Rox they are called.

I've been starting to really like them. Here are my favorites.

Like it

Love it

Hate it


Just enjoy it

Just one thing about them, they always sound the same on every song and kind of plays it safe.

I like someone with variety and some risk taking, but these 2 have my vote.

I love you Porgy

I'm still i my bed, hehe. No I have actually gone up had a shower, talked to mu mum and been making some food, but yeah, I am in bed again. Just love it here. Though I feel a bit lazy.

Johanna is coming 2night at abt 10pm, she is landing at abt 8pm.
Hopefully if she's not tired we will head to Vendome, and it feels like I've already mentioned this. Well any way.

Now when I know how to put videos here I want to do it all the time hehe.
So here is one more that I love at the moment.
Love the performer.
Love the song.

Over and out

Gimme gimme me more

Good morning London!

Just opened my laptop, I'm still lying in bed you see.
Right now I am listening to Lady Gaga's Love games. Love it, and I love her.
I admire and like artists with something xtra and special, that's why I've always loved Christina Aguilera.
Now they do look alike at this piont with there style, and don't care who came with it first and all that sh*t. I never compare others nor myself to others.

Any who...

Just talked to Johanna on the phone. She's been trying calling me for awhile, on secret nr, for you who don't know, I do not answer if I know who it is!
She is landing at abt 8pm 2night =)) and if she is not to tired we are hitting the party scene straight hehe. Vendome is having some Swedish night cause of our Swedish Midsommar party we usually have. Should be very good =))
I have not been out since Johanna left 2weeks ago =0

Right now I am listening to this Beyonce's Deja Vu remix by Freemasons. We have it at work, and mot really fond of this song otherwise, but love this remix.

Wow, I have just learned (or Johanna taught me) how to put YouTube videos here now. Yeeay =)

So will get back to later.

Over and out

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

O my F-ing God!

Well, yesterday when I got home and watched Gossip Girl on the laptop in the kitchen I first saw a spider. I haven't seen one in this place and I thought that was scary. I later saw a dark shadow of the corner of my eye and turned around a saw a m-o-u-s-e!!!!
If we have mouse that means its not so cleaned, but I thought we cleaned it pretty good.
And aren't they kind of hard to get rid of ones you have them???

Any who..

I am now eating breakfast and watching some more gossip girl. My new favorite =)

Later heading to work Yeeaayy!!! =PP

Over and out

Monday, 1 June 2009

Just got home now from work, and really been thinking of finding something else. I am so sick and tired of this sh*t.
Its same old same old all day every day.
I even can't be bother when they (the management) have something new in shop or when they want to put extra energy on something. I just keep thinking I am not not gonna be here for that long any way, nor do I care.... ( and I really hope they don't have my blogsite and reading this).
I have applied to the Battersea dog house actually (yeah, dream on), but that is what I really want to do. Work with animals.
Been looking around for different animal and shelter sites.
And I have also started thinking about working as a nanny. Which reminds me that we have a new roommate now, Emma, a very nice sweet girl from Sweden. She works as a nanny and it seems a lot fun, more fun at f*cking La Senza anyway.
Any who...
Johanna is in Greece now with her mom, and is coming home next weekend. Its been so empty the last week, and I really miss her =(

Maybe have some mix of photos of whats been happening lately, party wise.

Me and Nikki been out

We celebrated Easter

The old gang at Vendome

Over and out.