Sunday, 7 June 2009

The Sunday Times

So, guess what! We didn't go out last night. Johanna got home at abt 10 as we thought, and we made it almost as far as to the door when she said "Should we really"?
So there you go. I thought since we both were supposed to go up early (she had work, and I planned on going to IKEA with Nina) we skipped this time.
Instead we met up with Nikki at Marks and Spencer and bought some food and snacks and watched some dvd, except Johanna who went to bed. "I knew it", I shouted.
me and Nikki watched a serie called "The Big Bang theory" and the movie Borat, which actually is hilarious.
I went to bed at 03.30 am hehe. had my alarm on 8am.
But got a text in the night from Nina saying she couldn't go to IKEA, so blew that as well.

Nothing much has happened 2day, had a shower, watched some stuff on the laptop, went grocery shopping and made the healthiest lunch for 2mrrw. Cooked potato with salmon and vegetables in oven. Wow!

Any who...

Johanna just got home from work and we are actually heading out 2night to Boujis. Well I will tell you after 2day if we really did hehe.. you never know with Johanna. We are both working 2mrrw though. I start at 12 and Joh at 1pm.

Not much left to say really.

Over and out

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