Saturday, 20 June 2009

The Saturaday(s)


I have been kind of active 2day.
Woke up at about half 9 by Johanna calling me from work. I was supposed to come to hers for lunch bur she is so busy now with the sale and all it didn't happened.

I went to Westfilied anyway to get some beauty and hygiene products, and some new working shoes and tights cause my old ones had really started to smell bad. So I bought new pair of shoes, something for it to smell nice, a cushion and tights. A new fresh start. Everyone at work could smell my feet hehe....

As I am writing there's been an accident just below our flat. Don't know what exactly but there were a lot of police men and women, ambulance and a "bloody" man (hehe literally). That happened while I was at Morrissons doing some grocery shopping at about 6pm. The ambulance with the man has left but the police ppl are still there with a blocked tejp to our road. So I guess someone has been shoot, or something. It is an investigate person as well... so I don't know.

Any who...

Can tell you what happens yesterday at work.
Now the thing is with me, i kind of have an allergy to walnuts, which started happened a couple of years ago, cause I have been eaten it when I was younger. I just had a reaction a couple of years ago an that's where I stooped eating walnuts. I can have other nuts though... any way.
We had been given chocolate at work and I ate a lot of them, until I came to this dark chocolate with stuff inside, hehe.. it was very good. I though I felt walnut bits so I spit it out.
Then suddenly I felt this itching and stinging feeling on my tongue and cheeks, and up to my ears almost, I actually thought I was imagine it, till it got worse...
My throat really began to swollen and become thick, till the point I couldn't swallow. and i could see down my throat how swollen it was.
That was sooo scary I panicked. Luckily I have to say, I could still breath.
But didn't know what to do since i don't have these allergy tablets. I was given from one of my managers who saved me =P.

I am working extra 2mrrw because of the sale that's coming up next week.
I will just load every stock to the store and put it and hang it in our stockroom, so it's fine. No customer service hehe...

This is a very funny clip my friend from work told me about.

Over and out.

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