Monday, 1 June 2009

Just got home now from work, and really been thinking of finding something else. I am so sick and tired of this sh*t.
Its same old same old all day every day.
I even can't be bother when they (the management) have something new in shop or when they want to put extra energy on something. I just keep thinking I am not not gonna be here for that long any way, nor do I care.... ( and I really hope they don't have my blogsite and reading this).
I have applied to the Battersea dog house actually (yeah, dream on), but that is what I really want to do. Work with animals.
Been looking around for different animal and shelter sites.
And I have also started thinking about working as a nanny. Which reminds me that we have a new roommate now, Emma, a very nice sweet girl from Sweden. She works as a nanny and it seems a lot fun, more fun at f*cking La Senza anyway.
Any who...
Johanna is in Greece now with her mom, and is coming home next weekend. Its been so empty the last week, and I really miss her =(

Maybe have some mix of photos of whats been happening lately, party wise.

Me and Nikki been out

We celebrated Easter

The old gang at Vendome

Over and out.


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