Saturday, 6 June 2009

Gimme gimme me more

Good morning London!

Just opened my laptop, I'm still lying in bed you see.
Right now I am listening to Lady Gaga's Love games. Love it, and I love her.
I admire and like artists with something xtra and special, that's why I've always loved Christina Aguilera.
Now they do look alike at this piont with there style, and don't care who came with it first and all that sh*t. I never compare others nor myself to others.

Any who...

Just talked to Johanna on the phone. She's been trying calling me for awhile, on secret nr, for you who don't know, I do not answer if I know who it is!
She is landing at abt 8pm 2night =)) and if she is not to tired we are hitting the party scene straight hehe. Vendome is having some Swedish night cause of our Swedish Midsommar party we usually have. Should be very good =))
I have not been out since Johanna left 2weeks ago =0

Right now I am listening to this Beyonce's Deja Vu remix by Freemasons. We have it at work, and mot really fond of this song otherwise, but love this remix.

Wow, I have just learned (or Johanna taught me) how to put YouTube videos here now. Yeeay =)

So will get back to later.

Over and out

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