Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Good morning/afternoon London

In bed again. Have slept until now.
Not much to write since I wrote just before I went to sleep. But will now go up and eat some breakfast and make some lunch and food for to day, so I can survive this loong day to come.

Any who...

Been meaning to tell you which other blogs I am reading and following
First my friends are

Nina - http://ninaslondon.blogg.se/
Johanna - http://johannabengtsson.blogspot.com/

Now then some other I know or some celebrities, i don't follow to many blogs actually, there are not many I find interesting.

Natacha Peyre - http://www.improveme.se/Community/Blogg/natacha - She is a Swedish glamour model, the most beautiful woman I think I've seen. She lives in La with her boyfriend but write her blog in Swedish through a Swedish website.

Emelie Mattsson - http://www.improveme.se/emeliemattsson - A Swedish girl I got to know In London when she lived here but she now lives in Monaco with her boyfriend, and works as a yacht agent.

Alxandra - http://kissies.se/ - A Swedish girl at 18 who really doesn't do anything (that I know of, apart from this blog). She graduates from school this year. She is all about the looks with big blond hair, lips and is about to do a boob job. And I just find her blog entertained and amusing. People know about her in Sweden though.

Isabella Lövengrip - http://blondinbella.se/ - Swedish girl again who is very successful in Sweden and makes tones of money on her blog, her company Bellme AB (I think) and an upcoming clothing line, and she is only... how old? Not sure, but she graduates from school this spring as well, if she hasn't already. And she is involved with politics. She is well known at home any way.

That's it for me.

Over and out

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