Friday, 19 June 2009

Therese Rojo

I want to put an extra space and time on my blog to mentioned something horrible that's happened home in Sweden.
A 15-year old girl was murdered about a week ago. BY 2 OF HER CLASSMATES!!!
It happened in my hometown, my home forest, my neighbourhood and my old school.
I didn't know the girl at all really but I just been crying for her and looking through a blog her friends made for her.
I can't believe she had her life taken away from her like that!
She was just about to turn 16 for Christ sake.

I am feeling very sorry for the family, friends, people she left behind.

All of this brings me back to my loss I had to witness....

R.I.P Therese R.



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tovae said...

Usch, läste om det i tidningen idag, att det var ett svartsjukedrama. Killen som mördade henne hade i princip blivit tvingad av sin tjej. Hon manipulerade honom och sa att hon inte kunde leva om therese inte försvann / dog. Så han dödade henne. HELT SJUKT...

Fina ord du skrev om henne!
ha det fint :)