Monday, 4 April 2011

Just got home from some errands; went with the other girls who waxed different parts of their bodies lol. I just bought some chocolate and tried to find a little something to send. I did not.. =(

Then I went to the post office just before they closed to send my package (gonna to arrive a little late, but it's ok).

Then I finally went to NHS and registered, but turned out they didn't need any proof of address which is why I had to wait to register in the first place.. ow well.

Now I'm just eating my chocolate and writing to you (no sh*t).

I think we are gonna have take away, or something for dinner, before we go out.

Well yesterday then.. nothing special happened. I took one of the girls to hockey training and brought the little one and a dog with me, fun fun.. lol. Got home and tidied up the kitchen which was a bit of a mess, but I always manage. Then did a lot of washing and folding and putting away.

I had to take one of the girls to her jump competition where I helped =) Think it's pretty fun going to them events and experience that whole thing. Came home, had a quick late lunch and then just continued where I left of.. so not much happened.

Went out for a walk and a run. I wasn't really tired after that just very red lol.

Talk latha

Over and out


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