Thursday, 7 April 2011

What is up?

Well I'm down, down in bed.. I love being tired quiet early so you can have a early night and a long sleep =)

Omg, something very misfortune happened this morning.

We have a 6months old puppy, Rupert, who's just trouble. Well for one he's very naughty and don't listen to you and just bite and nibble every hand in its way, but he's also trouble because something always kind of happens to him. He's been kicked by one of the horses (he's not careful enough yet) so he really screamed, and a couple for weeks ago he was run over by a car really badly so he had an operation, and is now walking with a pink plaster on his back leg.. any who..

He's supposed to have some medicine and eye drops which I was told to do this morning. I was fine with the pills but was asked to get help with the drops as I didn't know where they were. Long story short; we (yes we as it wasn't just me, or me at all) accidentally put this fluid you remove fleas with, in his eyes!! =(

I took him to the vet (where he is a regular by now lol) where he's kept over night, the poor b*stard! (The Dr was kind of cute though lol).


Otherwise was pulled in and out all day.

Now when the kids are off school for Easter (for a month!!!) it's kind of crazy with everything and not really normal and I am needed every were lol..

Not much else.

Talk tomorrow.

Over and out


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