Sunday, 10 April 2011


Started my day a little later then I usually do when supposed to go out for a walk. I went out at about 8.45am. But id doesn't matter, I got my walk and run any way, and I am about to head out for my 2nd of the day. Yes people, when I am off, or the days I can, I like to go twice a day.

Went for a big tesco shopping and made some pancakes for a early dinner which made me very full as it very fulfilling (had a little ice cream to).

Freshened up; showered and washed my hair, scrubbed my body and face, had a face mask and epilated my legs. So a very interesting day ;)

I just decided (after a little thinking) that I am going to Stratford upon Avon, and not the Stratford in east London. Stratford upon Avon where Shakespeare grew up lol. Just wanted to make that clear. I just hope it's going to be good and sunny and warm weather and hope to get some tan =)

Actually just did some studying right now, until my pen died on me =( Of course it did..

Made some plans at 10 o'clock to watch this serie about zombies (can't remember the name now) but something to do and look forward to, even though I don't feel like snacks or ice cream lol (which I always do).

Any way..

Gonna head out now before it gets to late.

Over and out


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