Monday, 18 April 2011

Just get a grip will ya'?

Ok, so wish me all the best and luck that I am actually going through with this trip to Stratford upon Avon (have to say the whole name as some people get confused with the place just Stratford, east of London, yeah like I would waste my time going there). It would be so not me to go as I am not that impulsive or simply don't do things lol. I hope I do go which sounds so weird and frankly stupid because what is actually stooping me? Apart from myself? Exactly, nothing! It's just one of the problems I have with myself.. I'm working on it lol.

Just watched Glee. The episode I was longing for a little bit as I've seen some clips on You tube from it, and one of my favorite songs they performed. Beautiful song.

Over and out


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