Friday, 26 February 2010

The latest

I was quite dead this morning, didn't get up until about 1pm. Still have a headache.

Last night was fun though.
Me, Karolina and Elin went to Jalouse were they had some sort of circus theme party, and it was packed. I loved it.
We danced and drank a lot. Karilona had to save me a couple of times from guys. Haha she used these balloons they had and slapped them away. Loved it.
The bartenders and staff were kind of cute with there pained faces. Think I fell in love with one of them hehe.

I only fell how drunk I really was when we left and got home. We stooped at Bagel bite, which is like the best food when you're drunk. Love it.
Karolina had to wok at 6am!!! So we stayed up a bit so she could go straight to work. She was still drunk at 4.30am, and I wondered how she would managed, but she did. She is still alive anyway, but apparently she thought she could go through a wall at work. Well well, I'm sure she worked it out.

We earlier 2day went to Tesco, cause I was so thirsty and craved for some sweets, so now I have eaten a salad made of avocado, tomato, feta cheese and vinegar, love it, and my favorite cookies.
Now in a min we are actually heading to a museum! Thought we should be a bit more with the culture.

Talk lata.

Ovet and out

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