Saturday, 27 February 2010

I have figured out exactly what I would like to or going to do in my future and life.
Can't tell you the whole story since it's just in the beginning.
I have just mate, it's not born yet.
What I can tell you is that I am going to study, or maybe I have already started, I registered ad payed today, so now I just have to wit fr the pack to get delivered to me. I am so exited. I am actually doing something with my life now.

What I am going to study is animal care, for you who missed that, and the more I get into it, that's what this blog is going to be about, and then I am going to move it to a bigger community where there is a bigger chance for people to read.

Now that's the half of the plan, there is still more to come (hopefully).

I just got back from Hammersmith, where I bought some basics from Primark, a much needed book from book warehouse, and just browsed around. I also wanted a camera, since I have never owned a camera, but don't know what to chose, o going to wait till I ca get some help in that area.
It's been raining pretty bad today and I just go away from it when I gt home.

Yesterday me Karolina and Elin went to The national history museum. I actually find that stuff quite interesting. We watched a few short movies about animals and nature. That's what I want to do. Travel around the world and help extinct animals. Well well, hopefully I will get there.

Museums and learning about h culture is much more fun now as an adult when you can choose, then when you were a kid and you had to.

Now I am just waiting for Kar(ol)ina and Elin t come home. They are at some fashion thing. Fancy! Apparently there is some fashion thing or theme going on in the city :p lol.

Over and out

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