Sunday, 19 April 2009


Ok ok ok!
I am very bad with updating, and hate when I come back after a long time and have to write so much what happend. But not much Has happend.
It's sunday and I am sitting here with Johannas computer cause I handed my one in cause all the sudden it stoped charging. They said it could be up to 4 weeks, but don't know how long its been now, at leats 3 weeks.

Any who...

We are still trying tro sort out with getting a bad and a 4th person so we can lower our rent, which is pretty high.
It is not very hard nor difficult to get a bed or a pers, we are just.. i don't know lazy and don't really get on with it.

2night we are heading to Boujis any way. I don't like going out when you have to work the next day, but Sunday feels different. It's still weekend and I don't start working until noon, so its fine.

Don't know if I mentioned it but I know now what i want to do with my life, period!
I want ti work with and for animals, wehater its animal rights and rescue or at a zoo or a horse stable. Think I prefer wirj rights and rescue. I would eventually want to go to maybe Africa and work with animals there. Maybe the exterminated ones.

I'm all alone at home. Johanna is working and Nikki... well you never know where Nikki is hiding hehe..

Well I will scram now..

Over and out

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