Sunday, 13 December 2009


Hey what up peeps?

Sitting in my bed now, doing nothing and everything.
The weekend's been kind of good, but gone to fast as always.

Btw, my keyboard is driving me crazy. Sometimes some letters aren't written if your not pressing really hard. But I like hard so it fine Lol!

Friday we went to Cafe de Paris cause of Nikki's birthday.
Yesterday I went to see a friend for a quicky haha.
Then Johanna needed me, or she needed my money actually, so she could buy a TV that I helped her carry home.

Last night I had the biggest laugh of my entire life. Was watching some videos from when we were out a while ago. I cried sooo much. Then I had a fight with Johanna, were she tried to hold and tickle me.
Think I will live for a very long time as much as I laugh.

I actually injured my hand, or wrist, at work cause of the way im moving, so I have now bought a bandage. It actually hurts even if I don't move it.. huh...

Any who...

What to write....?

Will get back to you "all" if something crosses my mind.

Btw I will be all alone2 night cause they are all going out, but I start at 9am 2mrrw so don't feel like it.
What will I do? I want to go to the movies.

Over and out

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