Friday, 2 July 2010

Today I'm off

Good day all!
So I done my 11 days work now, finally. It wasn't that hard actually nor did it feel any different to my usual work weeks, anyway...
But today I'm off =) Feeling lazy tho. Tried to get a long sleep for ones, but as always I woke up at about 8am. Went up at about 11.30am and took a shower and put a face mask on, a great way to start your day =)

Me and Johanna went out last night, event tho I was absolutely knackered from work. It was her birthday Wednesday so a little celebration to her.
Happy birthday lovely!!!
It wasn't a great night tho. It started good with some pre-drinks at the bar Sketch, our favorite place lol. I drank one drink and immediately started to feel it in my head (thought it was cause I haven't been drinking in such a long time, but realised that was a lie. Was out like 2 weeks ago).
Some of Johanna's friends came over and joined us and we were supposed to head to a club (one that I actually don't like, but anything for Johanna lol), but we had some complication and had a early escape home.

This morning I surprised Johanna with a little gift, containing 2 thongs from work, and some of her favorite snacks. Just a little funny silly thing. Like to be creative.

Ow and an other ting; she's been excepted to her school she applied for, and I am very happy for her, it's just I will miss her terribly, since the school is in Sweden and she has to move home. Don't know what I will do without her =(
Feels like everyone is leaving me....Ok, lets not be like that. Gotta take out he positive of it all.

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