Saturday, 11 December 2010

All I can give

Alright, so I think I lost my touch with the writing. I am more good with the whole small simple posts, like a YouTube song or a quote I catches up from some were.
But I though I would give a little update of what I been up to.

I am at the moment (or for a long time) working and living with a family outside London out in the country and helping out with their 4 children (all girls lol) and their horses as they run race horses, and some ponies.
My days are either very early dropping of the girls for school or stations and be in the house cleaning up and doing the wash, and then you have like 4 hours break till you start in the evening again picking them up and making them supper.
Other days I am out in the stable with the horses on a normal hour basis where the tasks are pretty the same; feed them, take them out on this 'walker' where they get their exercise, mock out and sometimes you go out for a ride.

But I definitely become better here. It's good for my heart and soul.

Ok I think I will stop here cause I have no flow when I'm writing but will update later on.

Over and out
xx Rebecca

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