Tuesday, 8 February 2011

YOU are your life!

Before when I was seeing who ever I was seeing, I kind of lost myself and my own life and what I was doing with it. My priority became this other person, even sometimes before my friends. That person is now gone, but luckily my friends are still here.
I am so going to change how I see things and my priorities.
My first priority will be me! Always put you and your happiness first (unless it's in a selfish way), cause you are the one who's going to live the life you choose.
Then always have the people who cares for you the most and who are there for you in the needed times, in mind.
That's what I am going to do from now on.
I lost my studies over a few months cause I didn't see them as important as this person at the time. How stupid, I can see now.
I've catched up on my studies and already finished one session which was 'birds', and I passed with great comments. Now I've started reading about rabbits. Feels really good to be back in the life I am supposed to live and back on track.
It can or will be hard, but the next person I am going to be with or see I am not going to see as a priority over my life and studies (might sound harsh, but I get very inspired from people who really living their life and reaching for their dream, and getting there).

Something I wanted to share! Now I am going to hit the bed as I am absolutely knackered.

Love yourself

You are never really alone as you always have yourself by your side

Over and out

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