Saturday, 27 August 2011

Last week I had a pretty busy one, well compared to my usual weeks where I just spend here on the farm which in fairness can be pretty busy.. Now I mean busy as in travelling back and forth.

On the Tuesday, 16/8, lunchtime me and one of the girls and friend headed to Frinton in Essex for a Tennis tournament which she won (yet again).

I spend the day cleaning up the house and changing sheets from previous week.

We left that afternoon as soon as she finished as I didn't want to get home to late. Cause early the morning after, Wednesday 17/8, at 5.40 am to be precise lol, we had to head to the train station and head up to Edinburgh, Scotland, for the Fringe festival. Overall it was quiet alright. We saw 3 shows, one included a stand up with Jack Whitehall which was really funny. I always wanted to go and see stand up live. The weather was a bit bad with mostly rain but sunny half the day we came and the day we left.

I was told that my next gate away would be as soon as we got back from Edinburgh, Friday afternoon, so I rushed home, had a very quick shower and a fix up just to find out we are not leaving until early Saturday morning. Me, the oldest and her 2 friends were heading to V-festival in Essex you see =).

So at about 7.00 am, Saturday 20/8, (after getting a very late text about what time we're leaving and a quick morning) we are driving up for some trouble and adventure.

Not gonna bore you more with long writing and just gonna let the picture speak for themselves in the next post.

Over and out

Rebecca xx

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