Friday, 27 January 2012

This is something I feel really strongly about!

As you know (or don't) I am a big animal lover and I can say I have more respect for animals then I have for humans most times and the only species that scares me is the human kind.

All animals, which includes us, have instincts, some more dangerous then others.. but all of us will act in the way we are handled. You can get any dog vicious and more dangerous then others if you provoke and train it to be. The pit bull for instance, or any of the above, are the most easy to train so of course they have become the "dangerous breeds". You can get a poodle to attack you..
You are forgetting the source for these attacks and incidents and injuries; the owner! A well trained dog will just do what its been told and trained to do, whether is bite you or lick you.

I won't speak to much about this and just let the picture speak for itself and hope the message someday will get trough..


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