Wednesday, 24 October 2012

I've been really ill and not well last week and during the weekend. I began to feel this tingling feeling in my throat after I been home. My dad got really bad with flu and stuff and my mum got poorly =(
So I've been having  really soar throat, cough, headache and general pain in my body. I haven't spend this much time in bed unless I'm hungover lol. But, I've been going to classes very day. Well done me!
I still have a little cough now and then but it's all good people! I stacked up with stepsil tablets and loads of painkillers.

So what's been going on..? Dunno really. Been in school, I've finished my third and last book =( I was really sad over it. Felt like a relationship was over. I really fell in love with this (made up?) character.
Oh my god, last night I was sure I had broken one of my toes! Long story short, in panic as I was trying to hide, I kicked my foot in the door, like the actual corner of it. Hurt like hell. Couldn't bend it and got propa swollen and now it's really ugly and red and blue. I got the blues lol. I'm really clumsy I think as I always end up with these bruises and don't know where I've got them from.

What else..?
Only got one day left of the week. We were gonna have school on Friday but was some sort of mix up so we got it off =) What to do?

Talk latha

Over and out

Finnish time 22.27pm

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