Sunday, 20 January 2013

As you see the post below I've kicked of with my training again. This time harder and more serious. Bought a gym card at a real gym this time lol, so no excuse not to. But I actually love going to the gym and break some sweat and build some muscles. I train different part of the body every day that I've planned. I like being organised (I did injure myself though last week so had to take like a week off, but I'm back, more careful).
I eat better. Haven't had any sweats and candy since Christmas and been taking of most carbs (like pasta, potatoes, rice) from my diet.
My first thought was to get a bit fitter for Egypt in February. Yes I'm going on a holiday =) Been so long I've seen the sun lol.

Know it's been a while but been busy I guess, was home for Christmas and what not.

Talk latha.

Over and out.

Finnish time 20.56

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