Monday, 11 November 2013

Having no control

The worst feeling ever. That's what I felt today. It's like first day, starting from scratch. Even if I know my stuff and I'm not completely knowledge less you'll lose all of that when you're somewhere for the first time and don't know where things go, where to find things and their routine! I just really hope it's a first day thing.
I do think it's really unfair for me to do the exam somewhere I've never been before when the others have for at least past 6 months. I would feel a lot safer and secure if I could do it back home.. oh well, we'll see.

We went out for a quick dinner after though which was nice. A really good salmon, potato soup.
Now I'm really tired and just washed my hair and styled it so not a lot of time to read and study which I hoped. Maybe some night reading before I go to sleep.

Talk latha

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