Saturday, 21 March 2009


Ok, lets begin, shall we?

So right now I'm sitting on the sofa in the living room in Sheperds Bush just browsing around the Internet and pretty much waiting for Johanna to come home hehe. She's been working 2day and 2night we're gonna do something nice.

The weather here has became so nice and mild that I went to meet Nina in the park and has some bread and Philadelphia cheese... then she did some grocery shopping.

Now to the move...

We (me, Joahnna and Nikki) were supposed to move on a weekend maybe 2 weeks ago, and we expected to get the key and everything on the sat, but of course there was a problem with my references both from my work and landlord that they didn't get it in time so we, or the ppl from the agency, prospond it till Monday at noon, but I had to work 12-9 that day and had to move out from my old flat on Tuesday. I could not move everything in like 2 nights. I have a lot of crap you know.

I went in to work and explained my situation and offer that I could work the sun instead of the Mon, but they gave me 8am-2pm on Sun and then start at 5pm on Mon so that was a little better.

I was so stressed and kind of got the blaim from Johanna and Nikki. But as far as I know, I had done what they told me to do, as soon as I knew they needed references i told both my landlord and work that they would get in contact with and if they please could give them my reference.

But it was the ppl at the agency or the reference company that never really send the papers in time. My manager faxed it back as soon as she got it... but never mind.

So moving on til Mon.

I sat at home waiting to hear from the company and the agency if the papers gone through, and with my manager it was alright but still problems with my landlord whom I called right away and asked him if they talked to him. Now the thing is, the reference company had received the papers but wasn't gonna look in to it until lunchtime. I was like: But we have to move in at noon, you schmuck...

Yet again i got blaimed for the whole thing and felt horrible. I couldn't have done anything more and I hadn't done anything wrong. I even got a little bit threatened at, kind of.

(Ppl really shouldn't get in to conclusion until they know the facts).

Well I was kind of pissed but at 12am/pm we could all move in anyway.

I went there with a lot of my stuff and to get my key and then back again to get more stuff. So 2 rounds in the morning.

Then after work at 9pm I made an other round.

The morning after before work I made a round. This morning I didn't Have nor did I have any time for breakfast. Had soup for lunch. Was very week.

Then had my last stuff (I hoped) the night after work. I actually got a lot of help from a friend that had a car, and realised I could not have moved all that stuff by myself, and I had to move all of that that night. He also bought me some food from Tesco, my hero!

To sum it all up: I Hate moving!!!!

Getting back later to you guys.

Over and out


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