Friday, 13 March 2009

Holy..... Cow!

Yes well, its been a while huh?
Haven't had Any Internet connection what so ever. It just stooped working one day.
Have a lot to catch up on and tell y'all.

For starters, me, Johanna and Nikki has moved in together in Sheperds Bush. Really nice 3 bedroom flat with just the 3 of us, but we are gonna let out the living room to an other girl so the rent will be cheaper, cause its a lot right now.
It really has been a rollercoster and a lot of complications with the whole moving thing, which I will get back to.

I have a picture though at the kitchen which I found very nice and fresh and big, which I stole from Johannas blog (

well 2day is Friday and I have the whole weekend off, but still have a lot to do and things planed.

2mrrw morning I have to go to my old place in Kilburn and pick up some mail from my landlord, if I have any, then meet Nina for some market shopping and show my new pad. The we are all heading out to Vendome I believe.

I am trying to dowmload some stuff, but doesn't work for some reason.

Any who...

Will get back to y'all lata.

Over and out

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