Saturday, 24 October 2009


Hey just got back from the concert in Albert Hall with the parents. The show is called Carmina Buran and it was a orchestra and a chorus of about 900. It sounded great and very magnificent, but for me at was a bit tiring.
There was one piece/song I recognise.

Now I am waiting to see if Johanna and I were to see a movie she just asked me, and if she asked its serious.. but now she went into her room and said Good night. I do not think so!!
Tomorrow I have to go to work actually at 10am for a f*ckin staff meeting. A Sunday morning!!
Then I have to say good bay to mum and dad =( This weekend went sooo quick, to quick!

Now I got very tired, so don't know if I should see a movie.

Over and out

P.s. Don't forget to turn back time, either now or tomorrow morning =) D.s.

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