Friday, 23 October 2009

Long day

Today I've spend with my parents. I haven't been this active in a long time, lol. That's bad!
I meet them an hour later then we said at first, at 10.30 am. I was just so tired, and I am always so slow getting out of the house.
We any way went to Hamstead Heath to a place called kite hill or something, were it's London's highest point. It was very nice weather, a bit chilly but sunny. Of course thy didn't have their camera with them =(

Then we went to Oxford st actually cause they "needed" to buy something a friend from Sweden had put on hold. Hate that place!

After we went to High st Ken. and to this food place called Wholefood, where they have a lot of healthy (and some unhealthy) food, were you pick everything you want and then buy it and eat it, haha no sh*t! But its kind of a nice and cheap buffy. Got so so full though.

Went to some charity shops an then home to Westfield were they went but I was to tired so I went home, and now I'm sitting here.

Any who...

To night I am going to a friends house who's having a little get together cause she's quit, or got transfer and promoted to an other branch =( Will miss you loads!

Here are my parents, and me, last summer in Regents Park.

Speak later.

Over and out

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