Saturday, 8 January 2011

Well where to begin?
Well first of all, if YOU are reading this (which by the way why the hell are you?) you can suck MY d*** since mine is bigger then yours!

Right, nice to have that out of the chest lol.
Been off now for 2 days and haven't done much except freshen myself up with a shower (lol), a mission incomplete journey to the bank (couldn't find a parking space), grocery shopping, eaten a lot (no sh*t) and today I been cleaning the car (with assistant from Anna) since it was disgusting.
Was a very weird nasty smell inside of I don't know, hay, horse or rabbit food and carrot... We vacuumed the inside and cleaned the outside so now it's like a new car (ha yeah right).
The weather today has been amazing. It's been like a nice, fresh early spring day with a lot of sunshine and a cold spring breeze.

I can get very passionate

The family was supposed to come back in the night to night but there was some problems so they are not coming home till tomorrow afternoon instead, so, I am sleeping in the house again. Kind of nice.

Right now we are watching some TV (whatever is on) and glued to our laptops.

Talk latha
Over and out


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