Thursday, 6 January 2011

What up peeps?
I'm on the sofa and I'm absolutely knackered. I guess you really feel just how tired you are ones you sit down and breath.

Nah but this week has not been that bad nor hard work. I liked this week, as the family and children been (or are still) in Egypt, they are coming home Saturday night. So I slept in the big house and been charge of the dogs mainly. Think it's fun to have more responsibilities and be alone. A bit scary at night times tho when it gets dark in this big lonely house, but I felt more secure with the dogs with me.

Tomorrow and Saturday I'm off. Nice! But at the same time I straight away feel lazy and bored when I am not working (since I don't see my daily chorus as work).
I got asked to go shopping in Milton Keyes and I am thinking about it but they are going at 9am. Yeah yeah it's not that early compared to my usual mornings, but i like to sleep till I wake up without an alarm when I am off, and I am going to do my usual facial and spa treatments lol. I also have to go to the bank and finish some presents to some people. I let you know how it all ends ;).

I might watch a borrowed movie with some borrowed popcorn (ok not borrowed but going to buy new ones to whom ever I'm "borrowing" it from).

Talk latha.
Over and out


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