Friday, 14 August 2009

Marbella part 2 of 3

The day after Nikki beach we were all alomst dead. We had partied for 12h even though we just came home at abt 12 at night, it felt like 3 or 4 am.
It's nothing much to remember what we did the day after cause all our days we just spend by the pool. Loved it!
But we had plans on going out during the night any way, and have to tell a little London story to fullfill this one.

Johanna once met a guy outside a club here in London a while ago. He is chef executive for one of the hottest resorts in Portugal. She mentioned to him that we were going to Marbella, and he offered to come and visit. So he drove 4 hours to meet a girl he meet ones briefly.

Me and Johanna went out to dinner with him any way (hey, who says no to free, expensive food and drinks? hehe) We went first to a pub in Puerto Banus and had some fantastic Mojitos. Then we went to a restaurant called Chateau Mona Lisa. Very nice food.

On our way to meet the guy (i know the name but want to leave some stuff out)

At the restaurant

After dinner we meet upi with the others at a place called La Suite

We then went to a very nice nightclub called Olivia where it was maad!
I never had so much fun during a night out. That place closed at 6am and I didn't even feel tired. But the party continued at home and in our pool where some guys throw me in the pool fully dressed. Loved it! haha.
We went to bed at abt 8am.

After our swim

On tuesday... we actually chilled alot.

Sat by the pool at first, and Johanna was gonna go and say buy to her old man ;)

The guys were playing by the pool, with jumps and what not. I filmed and took photos of it all (which you all wont be able to see...)

At night me, Johanna, her brother and friend went back to Puerto Banus to look at the yachts they have their. That was amazing and didn't think it was possible to owe that kind of boats.

And we had some ice cream. Loved it!

Went home and went to bed.

End of part 2

Over and out


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