Friday, 14 August 2009

Marbella part 3 of 3

Where was I...?
Well the poolside by the day, then head to Nikki beach for a quick drink before heading for dinner at the other ppls house.
We had a very nice dinner and a nice talk with nice games haha.
We sat at thier balcony till abt 2am, and talked abt where we should go out. Talked abt Olivia we been to before, and even though I loved it, i wanted to try something else. So we went to a club called Dreamers.
The que was mile long, and none of us wanted to stand there so we ordered a table.
I thought the place was nice, like a big discotek with hot dancers, hehe.
But there was somesting wrong, even though I was drunk I didn't feel the good drunkness and energy I usuallt feel. But the worst was abt to come.
Johanna had put her camera on the table, and it was only us there with a long distance from others, but after the fcuking waiter came with the champangebottle it was gone. No where to be found. Not under the table, around in the sofas, under the curtain, in the other ones pockets or bags.... so our conclusion was that he must have taken it... we asked but he was just very rude back. Either or, the camera was gone.
Its not much teh actuall camera, but abt 800 pictures and movies... all the memories.
So the pictures ends here.
What we could save I have showed you all.
So we ended the night kind of early. I totally lost my party mood.. as did Johanna I suppose.

The day after we awoke at 12.30!!!
Our last day we slept that long. I felt very bad about that. Wanted to have time to sun bath a last time and pack and eat the food the guy who works in the house had made.
But it was not much rush.
At 6pm they droped us at the airport. Our plane left at 8pm, so not to early.
Yet again London was freezing when we landed and waited for the bus.
At abt midnight, we reached our house. It was though very nice to sleep in my own bed.

All this day I've been writing to you all abt my wonderful trip to Marbella, Spain.
See you next year (if not sooner)!

Over and out

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