Monday, 25 January 2010

Boujis Night

O my God. Last night was one of the best and funniest night out ever. It was just us girls, me, Johanna, Nikki, Karolina and Elin, we all went to Boujis. I haven't been there for such a long time, and after last night I can't remember why.

We got good and drunk, danced funny moves and laughed all the way home an the cab. I just waited for the cab driver (or was it a bus driver? I can't remember.. Karolina!) to trow us out, and it all continued back home with some naked backyard running, yogurt eating and all the alarms to be set (Karolina, Elin and Nikki had to get up abt 2 hours after that, and all o a sudden I remember why I haven't been out in a while on Sundays).

Any who... that was the best night, one I really needed. Thank you girls for making my night.
Fortunately I was off work to day, but have not done anything. I was supposed o say good bye to Phahamiso who left for South Africa to day, but realised to late it was not enough time, and I feel really bad now... =( But will keep in contact and me and Johanna are gonna visit her =)

Now I am gonna watch the rest of the Harry Potter movie.
But I can't forget to tell you all that I have officially become an aunt for the first time.
Congratulations to my brother and his girlfriend!!!

Me, Karolina, Johanna and Elin

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