Saturday, 30 January 2010

So to day I have done some of the stuff I should have done and none of the others and half of the rest.
So I started to go to the hair saloon, which I was supposed, but they didn't have time till later in the afternoon. I then went to Primak to buy some sheets and towels, which I was supposed to. I got home and sorted my laundry out and made my bed with my new brown sheets. The towels are grey. Love it.

The main thing I was supposed to have done this weekend was to go to different model agencies, but of course lazy ass me I didn't. What I did instead was to apply online which fro on of hem I have already gotten an answer. Now I just have to book an appointment.
So yeah, that's pretty much my day. Now I'm here in bed writing to you lot, and talking to my brother on Facebook. Think I'm gonna stay in to night, but we are going out 2mrrw, event though I start at 9am Monday, but t i Johannas last week before she heads to Sweden for 2months!!! =(

Over and out

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