Sunday, 29 May 2011

Beautiful people!

Good evening (a soon good night) people!

Just sitting on the sofa almost ready to sleep as I feel a bit tired by now. I love being tired early in night and have a nice long sleep and wake up early. Don't like sleeping in or late in the morning. Without alarm I wake up at about 8am.

Any who..

My day was not the most exiting. Started 9am (which is a nice sleep in lol) and headed out with one of the dogs then I helped out on the yard which involved stable cleaning, helping with the vet who checked the two mares and foals, trying to fix the pool, poo picking and so on that I can't remember.

I took one of the girls to High Wycombe for some shopping where I bought the Burlesque soundtrack. Love it!

Went home and just cleaned a little bit and sorted out the washing. Played with he dogs and headed home to eat some dinner.

Their cross country field

Our smallest edition, Copper

Show me how you Burlesque

Over and out


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