Saturday, 28 May 2011

Just ate a lot of food (a kebab burger and some really greasy fries that is, never again).

We were really hungry on our way to the stud but couldn't find a descent place to eat so we thought we stop on our way home instead, but no, we didn't find any on the way home either. So just went for some fast food after we got home... and now I feel how I deserve lol.

It went well at the stallion. He did 2 tries before it worked, you know sometimes you need to go again lol ;) but she was really nice and calm about it, and so was her foal (kind of).

Here are the photos I manage to take (I didn't really want to take during the action, felt a bit weird lol).

Here they are waiting for the stallion to do his magic lol. They are putting these "shoes" on the mare's back feet (the female) to protect the stallion (the male) if she would kick .

Tonight I don't have any major plans. Eat some ice cream and watch something either on TV or my laptop =)

Over and out


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