Friday, 27 May 2011

Life is pretty good!

Yes, when you want it to be. Since it's you who decides how your life looks like and what you are doing with it!

Lol just something I thought about now.

Today I am off. Don't think I mentioned that I (or they) changed my working days again but I am now working Sun-Thur again like before. I don't mind a change so it's all good.

Tomorrow (on my day off) I've decided, voluntarily, to come along and get one of our mares covered. I really like going on trips if it's horse or animal related lol. Otherwise not so much.

Don't have much o say, or I actually got a lot to say since I've been away from here for quiet some time, but can't be bothered writing it all at ones.

Talk latha

Over and out


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