Monday, 30 May 2011

You're not gonna stop me!

Good night people!

I have cramp in my legs and bottom back cause I've been standing to long today I think. They had a smaller event here today with different tournament. Tennis, badminton, volleyball, pingis, you name it lol. It was a charity event. But it was wet and rainy all bloody day and got kind of wet in the end.

M** was sent to Ireland tonight to pick up one of our mares with foal who went to get covered (she's really nasty one that one btw) and took one of our youngsters with her so the people in Ireland can ride her on a regular basic.

We order some pizza and watch different stuff on TV, like Britain's got talent which is really entertaining if you follow it. I am really stuffed now and tired so gonna call it a night. Tomorrow I am on the yard with the horses so am very happy about that, plus get to sleep a little longer then usual as I start at 8am!

Over and out


Oink oink

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