Saturday, 15 June 2013

A living alarm

Dog Chained in Dark Basement for Years as a Living Alarm Rescued. To his torturers he was just The Dog, and for years, he lived chained inside a basement in shack in the countryside. A dark wet hell where there was no difference between night and day.

His owners used to go there and drop some food every once in a while, just to keep him alive. To them, he was nothing but a living alarm that would scare intruders with his barks.Neighbors had complained several times about this inhumane treatment but nothing had been done about it, and so it went on, and on, for years that may have seemed like an eternity to a dog that yearned for human contact and freedom.

And then, his captors stopped going to see their prisoner. There was no more water and food. His destiny had been sealed, he would die slowly, his body would shut down, and at the end of that dark corridor he would find peace. This was his destiny until a kind soul entered the house and found him chained, twisted, mangled and being consumed by a thousand larvae feasting upon his flesh.

He has arrived to Lets Adopt! in a critical condition, dehydrated and unable to stand, whimpering, a bloody mass of hurt.He is positive to Leishmania. His leg is twisted, and the charity does not know yet the extent of his injuries.The charity’s initial protocole is to stabilize him with fluid therapy, clean and empty his wounds of larvae and other parasites, fully evaluate his leg injuries and start his Leishmania treatment.After all treatment is over Axel will need a home, one that is willing to offer him the things he never had…

We know times are tough and many are struggling right now, if you are not in a position to contribute please, at least help us save Axel by sharing this on Facebook, Twitter, you name it… anywhere you can… . Please help Axel today, because it’s important, because it will save his life and because it sends the world the message that we must not abandon the weakest, human or animal in their moment of need.

Please spread the news and if you can, help Axel get the treatment he needs. He is currently in SPAIN.

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