Monday, 3 June 2013

One day down, only... so many to go

I'm so exhausted now laying on the couch. Haven't had this hectic day in a long time, and today was Not hectic I'll tell ya. Since I have not had a propa job all day long in a long time I'm not used to it.
I was so nervous last night and early this morning. I woke up like 3-4 times just so check if it was 7am when I was supposed to get up.

For you who missed it I am now doing a internship at a veterinary clinic to become a veterinary nurse =) after a year of study in school in Finland. So today I did my first day.
I think since i do not have to much pressure on me to know everything (even though I think I know more then they think I do) it felt quiet alright. I just hate standing and doing nothing, and there's is always something to do (where ever you are) it's just hard when you don't know the place and their routine. But of course I will learn and I will get there. I'm just very inpatient. I want to know everything and do everything and be sure of everything I do.
It does seem like a very good and leraningfull place to learn lol.

I do feel exited about tomorrow though so that's good. We'll see how it goes.


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