Saturday, 1 June 2013

The animal cruelty continues..

This is beyond my world and I can't understand why people keep on doing this! The look of this dog is so far from the reality of the normal Beautiful Cane Corso!

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"A soul shattered, a heart broken and a wasted body - all that is left of a dog who was allegedly locked away without food and water by an owner seeking revenge against a former spouse.
According to Guardians of Rescue in Smithtown, N.Y., Queenie, a Cane Corso, was locked away into a bedroom weeks ago.
During that time, the dog, fully dependent on humans for care, was without any means to keep her body nourished and hydrated.

Late Saturday, the rescue organization posted the following information:
An emaciated Cane Corso who's owner allegedly locked in a bedroom weeks ago.
Thankfully his ex-wife stopped by to get some items and arrived in time to get her help while she is still alive.

Queenie needs your prayers and support. Authorities were called and charges will be filed and hopefully an arrest will be made. But we made sure Queenie got immediate medical care.
Queenie's fate is uncertain. She is so dehydrated that her nose is crusted over - shut in fact, because there is little to no fluid in her body.

Every bone in Queenie's body is prevalent - her skin stretches over every nook and cranny, painfully showing the suffering she has been subjected to for far too long.

A dog supposedly used as a means to an end - a dog, a living being, utilized as a tool for revenge.

Aside from the obvious toll that deprivation has taken on her body is the emotional devastation on her soul after she was being betrayed by her guardian; the person who she would have died for.


A Cane corso!

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