Friday, 7 June 2013

Made in Chelsea

Where I am sitting if not the couch! Will have to show you it one day so you'll see what the fuss is about lol.
Having some home made lemon juice and of course sweets, while  watching an episode of MIC!

And as every one is saying, I'm now taking weekend. I like now to have busy working weeks and then a free weekend. Makes you appreciate your free time more. I could never not do anything, would go crazy.

Not to much planed. Tomorrow we might go and look at Princess Madeline's wedding in the city, could be nice. Then I'm having dinner with some friends, well one friend but she's bringing hers =) Love going out to dinner.

I got a bit burned from yesterdays sun. My chest most of all, and of course I now got a mark from my necklace. Oh well. I'll even it out.

Talk latha!

Over and out.

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