Sunday, 16 June 2013

Down memory lane

Went for a drive today to our old neighbourhood and shopping mall. Haven't been there for ages.
We also drove past our old villa. I really wonder how it looks like inside now. Is it better or worse? lol.

I bought some sandals for my practise. You do get sour feet if not wearing the right ones ;)
I also been on the hunt for a curler. I used to have a quiet big before but now wanted a slimmer.
I found a dress for the wedding in July. I though I already made up my mind about the dress, one I already have, but as I tried it on the other night it didn't feel right nor did it fit as good as I remember (I've only worn it ones).

Any who..
Back to work tomorrow. It feels really good not to have these every Sunday anxiety for Mondays. Guess I like what I do now lol. It's still in the beginning of course so we'll see how I feel in 6 months.

Wow it looks quiet long here, and light!

Over and out

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