Wednesday, 12 June 2013

"I can't go out. I'm sick! Cough cough!"

Has gone on a smashing cold/flue. The other night was Not fun. Had to get up several times to get a drink and spit lol. It was hot, light an just very uncomfortable.
Yesterday at the clinic I almost called in sick and almost was gonna tell everyone I was going home (as I actually went). It was just hard everything. My throat was killing me and had a head ache. So straight after I headed to the pharmacy to get some killer throat lozenges, the one that will just dumb your throat.
In the evening my whole body ached (well still does), and today was a bit better except I had to blow my noise like hundred time.
Now sitting on the couch, just had a shower, and keep sneezing. Got some papers prepered and some cream for my noise as I get very dry eventually. I'm usually not ill for long so this shouldn't last very long. I hope!

Thank you for listening on my whining, you who did anyway!

Good night.

Over and out

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